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Advertising Member Benefits
As a advertising member with Reno Sparks Buy Local you will receive a very powerful advertising system for your business or organization. It's our way of helping your business grow. Below are some of the benefits included with your advertising membership.

Web Directory Page (Traffic Catcher Page)
Everyone needs traffic to grow their business. Included with your advertising membership is a system that we call the Traffic Catcher System (TCS).

Others refer to it as a complete website, but since some advertisers already have a website we called it something they can value too! We've created the first of its kind program to help you optimize your business for search engine success without the cost or complexity. The questions you will be asked to answer flow into our unique process that will automatically optimize your system for search engine success. Now people looking for your business can find it. In today's world it seems that this is the most valuable form of advertising and will only increase in value as time goes on.

In the About Us section you get to tell everyone what your business or organization is all about. Talk about your history and products offered. Tell people about the customer service you provide. You can also add some photos in this area to show your products or business location.

Mobile Phone
Website mobile communications has exploded! Now with millions of people accessing businesses through cell phones, its critical that your business be accessible through these devices. We automatically generate a mobile version of the TCS website and a custom ".MOBI" domain name is assigned to your business. Even the your coupons are recreated for display on mobile devices. These mobile sites are independently indexed for search and may be found and displayed perfectly on even the smallest screens.

Photo Tour Of Your Business
Ever want to show people how nice your business looks, or how good your workmanship is through a photo tour? We made this system very powerful and easy to use... our photo tour creator is another example of this. Simply add 1, 2, or 10 photos and instantly the TCS is presenting a beautiful photo tour for everyone to see.

Create Online Coupons
From the TCS Center, you can quickly update your online marketing, advertising and coupon program. It normally takes only 3 minutes to create a beautiful coupon the public can print, forward or easily link to. This is a formal coupon management system that even allows members to setup start and stop dates way in advance of the promotion release or end dates. You can also see how many people are actually accessing your published coupons and adjust as necessary to increase traffic counts. This is a fantastic way to market your products or services. You can even post your coupons to Facebook and Twitter automatically.

Add Video
Included is a "Manage Commercial" module where you can easily create, or simply distribute through these new media channels an existing video advertisement. In everything we do its all about helping you succeed. Video is a terrific way to make the most out of your new platform for advertising.

OnLine Store 1000 items
You will also have the ability to have an online store where you can list up to 1000 items. These could be items for sale or display items. A realtor may show pictures of homes and property listed for sale. A contractor might show pictures of finished work. It's up to you to decide what products or services you want to display.

Maps and WiFi
Your customers will be able to click on a map to your business. You can also be included as a free wi-fi hot spot on a map so customers will be able to locate your wi-fi service.

Even More
There is a Going Green Program. You can link your social networks to your TCS page like Facebook and Twitter. There is a place to list charities that you support. You can create a mission statement and list the services you provide. The system will generate a picture of your web site so customers can easily click through to your main web site. Overall this is a very powerful marketing system that is being provided to you as an advertiser with Reno sparks Buy Local.